Hello there! This blog is run by me, Isha Patel.

I'm a teenage student from San Francisco that loves travelling, art, fashion, and photography. I've always loved fashion in general ever since I was a little baby--my bib literally said "Born To Shop." I made a blog back in middle school, then sort of gave up. Then this scenario repeated itself later on in middle school. This is my 3rd attempt (I know, I'd see me as a little unreliable hehe, but hey if it helps I'm a Gemini?), but this time, I'm determined to keep this running and make The Minimal Peach a huge success. I started this blog literally on the first day of January, 2015 (Editing started end of December 2014, but same difference). 

This blog is basically about my adventures and my style. This blog is the epitome of all things Isha Patel. (Amazing, no?) Enjoy as I try to document as many outfits, ideas, scribbles, pictures, and succulents as humanly possible! 

xo Isha

to contact me - theminimalpeach@gmail.com

BONUS: Here's a picture of me and some of my photog

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