+ happy birthday, minimal peach!

Hello again! Happy New Year! Besides ringing in 2016 with the first post of the year, it is my blog's birthday! Somewhat, as I planned/created this blog around this time last year (so I just decided to celebrate the anniversary on Jan. 1st). This year had been a good one. Not just in general, but with my blog. This year was the first one for this blog, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I had so much fun creating blog posts/shoots with friends and obsessively posting on my instagram! I created blogs before, but I ended up leaving them. This time around, especially after a year's anniversary, I am really proud of what happened. I can't wait for years and blogposts and shoots to come on the Minimal Peach! Thank you to anyone who checks up on this blog. It means a lot! Now, to explain the collages above; all of the photos are memories from this past year from blogposts to travel diaries to just fun times with friends. I had a great 2015, and I can't wait for an even better 2016. I am really excited for what is to come on TMP in 2016!


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