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Hello! Yes, I know! This has been a horribly long and unannounced hiatus (kinda?)! Junior year has been getting to the best of me, especially with finals! Luckily, that's all gone (for now at the least). Most of the holidays have past now, leaving the beginning of the new year left. If you saw from my Instagram (@theminimalpeach), you would know where I am: Chicago! (Chicago blog entries coming your way once I get back home...soon!) Currently, I type this message in Chicago, where it is past midnight, meaning one thing: Happy New Year's Eve! Today is the last day of the year; enjoy it! For this year, I plan on posting much much more despite upcoming stress (AP tests, then senior year, then college apps!) Let's just live in the moment for now!! I just wanted to get this out on the internet for all to know I am still here (even though I'm sadly not posting enough!!). To wrap this up, I just want to say thank you all for an amazing year! Actually, I started this blog in the beginning of January 2014, so technically it's around my blog's 1st birthday! That will be in the days to come (which I will post about later). Happy New Year, friends! May your year be prosperous and may your new years resolutions pull through for the whole year! 

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