+ 100° ft. sensible narcissist & sarcastic swan

Shoutout to Addy in the sunglasses
I'm back! Well, I didn't really leave, I just got piles and piles of homework! Sorry about that! Anyways, I finally got around to editing my photos I shot with Addy from the Sensible Narcissist and Cat from the Sarcastic Swan! It was way to hot this day (see: title of the post!), and all three of us kind of shut this day out of our minds. Today, I decided to finally pull it out of the archives, edit it, and post it! The funny thing is, all three of us were dying to shoot in this alley pictured, and it took us a while to even plan to meet. Once we finally met, it took 100000 years for me to post this! Haha, sorry about that (the heat really got to us). Anyways, enjoy!


(On me: Top - Zara, Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Sandals - found in Italy, Purse - MCM, Necklace - Urban Outfitters)

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