+ the unorthodoxy of Julia Sarr Jamois

**above shot: photographed by shotbygio.com & edited by me
above shot: citizencouture.com
above shot: shotbygio.com
above shot: aloveisblind.com
One of my all time favorite style icons, Julia Sarr Jamois, always surprises me with her cool and different looks everywhere she goes. She is one of those people I would google images of for inspiration. Julia, the senior fashion editor at i-D Magazine, confidently mixes and matches different prints and patterns to make looks all her own. Her looks are very colorful and have a broad range of styles (her beautiful curly hair is the cherry on top). After any runway show, you can find her walking around with colors (as said before), funky sunglasses, funky shoes, and about a million cameras and photographers surrounding her trying to get pictures of her famed outfits (who can blame them!). 
Can I be her? Look at the images above or her Instagram and you will find yourself asking the same question.


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