+ Summer 2015 Favorites

Geode necklace - Forever 21
Striped tee - Zara
Bucket bag - Zara
LBB - Zara
Perfume - Dior
Flowy top - Anthropologie
Stone ring - Found in a kiosk at the San Diego County Fair (of all places!)
Bralette - Urban Outfitters
Patterned romper - Urban Outfitters
Hello Peaches! Here is a quick post about some of my summer essentials (excluding some that show up every year/all year)! If I could, I would have added many more items, but I knew that I had to keep it short for a simple list of my necessities for summer 2015. These are my favorites of the moment, but don't you worry because they will be making cameos for quite a while! 

In the end, somehow all my items had the same color scheme. Maybe because of the Fourth of July holiday. Maybe it's just by underlying desire to keep an aesthetic going. Huh.

For now, enjoy! See you very soon with a new collaboration on the way! 

xo Isha

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