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Isn't the scooter the cutest?!
Hello all once again! This is just a quick photography post (ugh, no fashion? I know right! Just imagine my OOTD to be a mix of Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang, kk?) Well anyways, I drove around and snapped pictures of some of my favorite spots (for flowers, heh) in the city! Don't worry, I was a passenger (no photographing and driving here!). Even though I've gone down Lombard St. (the crooked street) a million times, I never get tired of the flowers! It's probably what brings me back all the time. I went around Lombard St. and Coit Tower, then I finished up the little excursion with North Beach. That is all for now but don't be too sad because I will be back soon with more of my very delightful posts hah!


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