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Little-garden-in-France vibes or what?
Obsessed with this but not with the bees flying all around it
Strategically hiding the dusty parts of my shoes? Ha...
Hello again! I finally got to see my girl Addy from the Sensible Narcissist again today at Filoli Gardens (basically a a massive mansion with beautiful gardens surrounding it and it's a historic landmark)! We camouflaged with the all of the flowers due to our wearing flowery dresses (but in the end it was more good than bad). I finally visited the Gardens today, as it is so close to me location wise, and I was definitely not disappointed. Despite our sad California drought, the flowers and plants all around were thriving and living beautifully! Addy and I were freaking out the whole entire time due to the amount of perfect photography shoot locations in the Gardens (typical). We took loads of pictures (as you can already see above), and we had loads of fun shooting. I guess it's pretty self-explanatory: Flowers. Photography. Beautiful. Aesthetic.

(On me: Dress - ASOS, Booties - Topshop, Purse - Marc Jacobs, Necklace - Nordstrom, Watch - Michael Kors, Rings - my own)
(On Addy: Dress - Diane Von Furstenberg, Sandals - Ruelala, Purse - Coach, Sunglasses - Dior, Necklace - Urban Outfitters, Ring - Old Navy)


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