+ faux film and lethargy

Hello! Like most days, today was very mellow (did I mention lethargy?). Anyways, I just recently got the cutest top from Topshop and I wore it and took a few pictures (ft. my mannequin). 
I actually decided to get back into film photography today (cue the applause). I never really dropped it, I really just mean to say that I'm going to shoot more pictures in film now. I pulled out a new disposable camera and I added a new roll of 35mm film into my Nikon D6006. I'm all set.
I started taking some shots today, but I'll definitely take camera or the other out with me now and (hopefully) soon, the pictures will get developed and posted onto here (cue applause again). For now, you will have to settle with pictures from my DSLR (UGH, right?). Hahaha. I did try to add in shadowing and light leaks and grain (a multitude of grain, actually) on Photoshop. So I guess it's close enough to film pictures? Hah...
Well, this is it for now but don't worry I'm leaving you with a GIF of my cute watermelon stickers from Brandy Melville! 

(Button-up - Topshop, Leggings - Old Navy)



  1. I've been thinking about getting back into film as well, I love the surprise I get every time I get a new roll developed.
    Love the button up too, I need to get some more actually!