+ a candy-colored Dior dream

NOTE: Original images from Style.com & Vogue.com, but edited by me
Today, there was an extremely breathtaking Fall '15 show by Dior in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. I wasn't there sadly, but I still want to share the beauty and effortless style of this latest collection by Raf Simons as I am in awe right now. The show venue was very colorful and dreamy--a literal candy land. As you will see as you scroll through my edits (*tears* because I wasn't there to snap my own pictures), the whole collection had a broad range of cuts and colors. Every single look represented a transition into fall through the spring brightness and the fall shapes. Everything about this collection conveys beauty and grandeur--two things I feel that Dior as a brand holds. Well, I'll stop here and let you scroll through the magnificence that is Dior Fall '15. 

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