+ Color Inspiration: White on White on White

Hello Peaches! It has been a little stressful in school, so I never got around to posting this bad boy that has been saved up for a little bit! Anyways, here it is! Another Color Inspiration post featuring the wardrobe essential: white. There are many different shades of white, but no matter which one you choose to don, it will always look great.

This post mainly focuses on white monochroming (is that a word?). While full-on only wearing one color may be a little tricky or nerve wracking, going white on white on white almost always succeeds. It seems effortless, yet tasteful no matter what style the clothing is.

AND the best part? This refined style is not a fad! Personally, I love to wear white all year and it looks great no matter what season! (Some areas may not wear white much after Labor Day, though)

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post featuring some styles I found online! See you all very soon! 

Isha x

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