+ Label Spotlight: Burberry Prorsum Fall RTW '15

Hello Peaches! Long time no see! School got a little hectic, but now I'm back and ready to post some new exciting things. 

For starters, here is a new post about the latest Burberry Prorsum show. And NO, it is not the one in Los Angeles (even though that was AMAZING), but it features the same clothing (just from LFW).

I am in love with this collection by Christopher Bailey. I am completely obsessed with the fall colors all mixed together! I love how he took a multitude of iconic prints and mix-n-matched them together. The end result is nothing but brilliance.

I really felt that this collection effortlessly embodied the classic Burberry look, but with a new and exciting twist. 

This collection will definitely have a large impact on my wardrobe this fall. I love it!

My overall review: 10/10 (!!)

Stay tuned for an exciting new collaboration!

xo Isha

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