+ Chicago Diary Part 1

Above images: All from the Lincoln Park Conservatory
Outside the Conservatory, in Lincoln Park
Above images (2): Navy Pier
The Bean (!!) in Millennium Park
Above images (2) taken from a taxi going around Downtown
Hello Peaches!
Finally, here is a post about my adventures in Chicago!! If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, then you know that I actually came into Chicago on Monday! Even though yes, that is true, today was my first day into downtown Chicago, which I personally find more fun :). Anyways, that explains how it is Day 1. Here's what I did today:

I took the Metra from the suburbs to Union Station in Downtown Chicago. From there, whether it be walking, driving in a taxi, or driving in an Uber car, I went to quite a few places. I first went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory because I absolutely LOVE plants and I especially love shooting them with my camera. Sadly, I saw no succulents/cacti, but it was still outrageously beautiful in there. 

From there, I went to the Urban Outfitters Surplus Store!! Yes, UO does have its own outlet-type store! I did buy a few things there (for way cheaper than expected), but a lot of the stock at the store was made up of t-shirts or plain shorts (not that big of a selection). I did leave quite content, though! 

After, I made a quick stop at Navy Pier just to check it out. I walked around and saw the very cute ferris wheel! I even freaked out a little when I found some of my favorite plants inside a building at the Pier: the Swiss Cheese Plant (the giant leaves with the holes resembling swiss cheese holes). 

I then went to Millennium Park and saw the Bean along with a few other sites. I walked through the city afterwards heading towards Michigan Ave. (destination for tomorrow's shopping!!).

So that is what I did today! Stay tuned for the rest of my Chicago diaries coming up!

My look:
Long Sleeve - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Booties - Primark
Scarf - Zara
Purse - Galeries Lafayette

xo Isha

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