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My film pictures finally got developed...

Hello Peaches! I thought that I wouldn't try to add excessive writing as this post is pretty self-explanatory. I took my trusty disposable camera with me to Union Street, San Francisco CA with some of my friends and took some pictures on it. I later finished up the roll of film at school (mini photo-shoot at lunch hence the photos of me and Addy of The Sensible Narcissist posing in a hallway (it was twin day!)). So basically, the roll finally got developed after what is probably around two weeks! Well, now I finally received the pictures, scanned them up, posted some up to flickr, and well, posted some up onto this blog! Most of the pictures are from my trip to Union Street (Main post HERE about it!) and a few are from school (the classic middle school shoe picture, the twinning with Addy, blurry green possibly bamboo leaves, & the selfie w/ Ty of Fauxboy. Enjoy! New collaboration coming your way/OOTD/Inspiration/MBFW! Ahh!!!

Until then,
xo Isha

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