+ Feeling Preppy

Today I feel a little preppy...

Hello Peaches! I felt a little preppy today in my printed cardigan and I just had to share my look with you guys :) I love pairing my denim top with a cardigan to get some warmth while also having the ability to shed layers if it warms up. Here in California, layering is a must, as our weather (or at least in NorCal) is always changing, but never too hot or cold. Along with my look, I have included some pictures of my newer succulents! Ah, I love them!!

My look:
Cardigan - Azalea
Denim Top - Free People
T-shirt - Zara
Leggings - Old Navy
Booties - Gap
Watch - Micheal Kors
Tote - Urban Outfitters (obviously)
& of course
Red cactus - Home Depot
Fuzzy succulent - Ikea

That's all for now! 
xo Isha

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