+ Denim & Mustard

Hello Peaches! Today I'm starting a new post series: Denim & various colors. Sometimes, coordinating colors can be tricky if you want to wear it with some sort of denim piece. With there posts, I'll be showing some ways on how to add stand-out colors to a denim look. This first one is on wearing denim with mustard yellow! Some people may not like the color, but I personally LOVE it! At first, you may see it as unflattering, but trust me, it does wonders! Whatever the skin tone, mustard looks great. I used my ASOS denim jacket for both of the below looks, but of course, it is possible to use denim jeans, etc. instead (which will be coming in later posts). Well, enjoy! 
Look 1: Zara Mustard Top

Rings: All H&M
ASOS denim jacket used for both looks
Whole Look Info: Top - Zara, Jacket - Asos, Leggings - Old Navy, Purse - Galleries Lafayette, Boots - Doc Marten, Accessories - mentioned in an above caption + Seiko watch
Look 2: Anthropologie Mustard Scarf
Rings (left to right): Found in a Paris boutique & the last two - Old Navy

Whole Look Info: Top - Zara, Jacket - ASOS, Pants - Old Navy, Scarf - Anthropologie, Booties - Primark, Accessories - mentioned in an above caption + Seiko Watch

Hope this is useful in the future for styling! Until next time,
xo Isha

P.S. Holla @ Caroline for helping me GIF :-)